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July 26, 2010

Buenos Dias a todos!
This is Katie, Alex's almost-twin sister. I thought it would be delightful (for me in the present tense and for her in the future tense) to put together a lovely little blog of the adventures she will be having in Honduras. Maybe I've already missed 1/3 of her mission...so sue me. But I figured its better now than never. I'll start with this week's emails and a couple of my most favorite pictures she has sent us. She promised more next week so I'll most definitely post those up. For additional visual pleasure, there are more pictures on her facebook, which I also manage because she is not a rebellious missionary.

k here are the highlights from her last email to everyone. Please note that throughout this blog, quotes will signify her exact words, otherwise its just me blabbing :)

Background: she's currently serving in Marcala with a companion from Nicaragua.

"Holy cow, this hour went by fast. sorrry this is going to be short!
But lets see this week: really difficult. my faith was tried a lot, and I'm learning a ton about patience and diligence. its been hard because we were expecting to have 5 baptisms this weekend, and how many happened? none. I was pretty bummed as this month is coming to a close and I'm certainly not meeting my goals, but I feel like I worked my hardest and while it wasn't perfect, I can be assured that its NOT my will running this work, its the Lords. I have to remember that, then keep working, praying, and having lots of patience.
Funnies for the week:
1. We have this girl in the ward who always goes to primary. But I was looking at my list of YW and she was on it! confused, I asked the family and they said she was 11 years old, but yes, born in 1996. hmmm. I told them that in fact she was 14 years old and should be in YW. Okay, they said, that's fine! no big deal. poor child doesnt know her age. apparently that happens a lot here. MLIAIH
2. opposite from number 1: we're teaching a lady who is 20 years old. Her husband looks a little bit older, so after some tactful questions, she told us her story. Married at 14, first child at 15, and living a happy life. and it wasn't arranged. SHE knew she was 14. weird. MLIAIH
3. Last night we were getting ready for bed and about to open our mouths to say companion prayer and this cow in the street let out the loudest MOOOO I've ever heard. hahahahaah. I was a little less than reverant last night. MLIAIH
4. I was listening to this Elder's ipod the other day in the church and the song ¨time to say goodbye¨ came on.. mom's favorite song. then i chose to listen to a little bit of my ¨the garden¨, especially the song that my cousin Natalie sings. It was alittle sad, but a fun family music moment to myself. MLIAIH
Well despite the hard week, life is good. I stlil love Marcala and I hope I never leave. I have so many things I want to do here!!!! but the Lord knows what will happen, I'm just going to work my bum off while I can.
Also even though our work hasnt been made manifest in baptisms, we're working with some really positive investigators and excited to keep finding more. we had a little fast and lots of prayers to be able to find families to teach and that's pretty much all we've found. including one family who we're going to teach tonight.. and I?M SO EXCITED. I hope they accept the gospel and I love them already even though we have only contacted them. but they have an 11 year old boy with speech problems. he hears and understands almost everything, but is mute. I was talking to him and the dad kind of apologized and excused him, as if I didnt want to talk to him. but heck no! we spenta few minutes doing some charades and communicating our hands.. and in my 21 years of life I swear I've never seen a bigger smile on any 11 year old boy. just because someone wanted to talk to him. needless to say i cant wait to return and teach them.
well, times almost up. sorry so short. but the church is so true and absolutely perfect. the Book of Mormon has power, and we all HAVE To read it. please keep reading, one page a day, and you'll find your testimony grows.
Love you all so much. stay happy and pray lots.
Love, Hermana Smith
p.s personal study suggestion or some food for thought: read Alma 5:10, question. Answer? vs. 12. think and ponder on that one and we learn that small changes through repentance save us. ( http://scriptures.lds.org/en/alma/5) Definitely learning this here."

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