Monday, August 23, 2010

Marcala-6 semanas mas

hello everyone! well, i'm still in marcala and loving it. the work is really picking up and we're getting ready to see some miracles. i'm so grateful... its been a lot of work these 3 months and im excited to finally see the fruit of the work we've done here. We have 4 awesome baptisms lined up for this saturday...Corisandra and her daughter and another awesome lady we-ve been teaching named Kenia and her brother Fernando. She's the one who is 19 years old and has a 5 year old son and a 35 year old husband. but she's so awesome. all 3 of her siblings will be getting baptized but only Fernando, the 16 year old will with her htis week. he loves the church and i-m already picturing him with a little black nametag in a few years!! anyway, so excited and praying hard every day that it will all work out. pictures to come next week!

okay as for the funnies... not too many this week, its been a week of change and adjustment.... and patience. but heres one...haha

i was reading with my companion in the BOM in english so she could practice and in the page or so its talking about Lehi and the visions he has. in stead of saying "he did quake and tremble" my companion read "he did quack and tremble". it gave me a much needed laugh. hahaha MLIAIH

Well like i said i'm still in marcala. my companion left and i recieved another sister from Guatemala. hermana Rivera. she's an awesome missionary. its been an adjustment as it always is starting with someone new, but i feel like were going to have a transfer full of miracles. she's a convert of 3 years. before she joined the church she was practically a evangelical pastor. so she knows the bible very well. thats good because the €BOM is my forte, not the €Bible. anyway, more stories later when we have more time. oh and shes maybe alittle taller than 5 feet. hahahah.. we're quite the pair.

one fun thing from this week is that wednesday i got to travel 4 hours to tegucigalpa to pick up my new companion and in the transfer meeting i got to see my old companions┬¬ it was so fun. i saw hermana sevier from the mtc..s he-s doing awesome.. and i got to see hermana Espa├▒a€!!!!!!!! my BFF companion from 6 weeks ago. it was like i hadnt seen her for years. haha. she actually is really sick and had to go home the day after the meeting, but we-re hoping she can come back to finish her mission in about a month. lots of prayers are going her way!

well, i know this a random and not very spiritually uplifting letter, but the computer is kind of slow and frustrating and there this van blasting some christian serman in spanish outside and i cant concentrate too well. haha.

but thanks for the opportunity to share my testimony with you all every week. i know the church is true and i LOVE the scriptures. never take them for granted. this work is the work of the Lord and he needs all of us. but more than that, WE need this work and the Lord. hope this letter finds you all well and happy. enjoy the pics!

love, hermana smith

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wrapping up another transfer in Marcala

can you believe it???? tonight we find out transfers and i'm praying i dont leave! i just want one more transfer here! 6 weeks is so little time and the work in Marcala is picking up so much!!!

okay so here's what's been going on.... since our district has been in the attendance in sacrament meeting has doubled!!! 200% increase and President is way happy. also, we've been finding so many families who are so ready for the gospel! my companion and i have 4 families with whom we're working and it is so fun! its just so much more uplifting when you can tell a husband and wife of the potential they have as a famliy and the blessings they can recieve.

best news of the week: we have a lady and her daughter ready for their baptisms this saturday. let me tell you the story real quick. we met Corrisandra at the beginning of the transfer and the first lesson she basically laughed at us that we thought she'd believe the story about Joseph Smith. She told us she was born and will die Catholic and the first time she had a BOM she gave it to her pastor and they burned it. (my heart sunk when she said that) but since we've been going we've been teaching repentance and that she can be freed from her sin. she absolutely loves her book of mormon and gospel principles book. she comes 45 minutes early for sacrament meeting and an hour after we taught the word of wisdom she showed up at the church for english class because she said she was craving coffee which she was addicted to, so instead of giving in, walked to the church. SHE IS AMAZING!!! she's the type of investigator every missionary wants to have because she's a CONVERT, not just a baptism. also her sister in law is ready for baptism but she has to marry her boyfriend first because they live together. so we're working on that!!!! anyway, i'm so excited for this baptism... even if i dont get to see it. its been an amazing experience teaching her and seeing the huge changes shes making. wahoo!!!

okay also just one funny this week, we went to zone conference 2 hours away. it ended late and the last bus going to Marcala left early... leaving us stranded. District Marcala: lost in La Paz. after some lengthy coordination and standing in the rain for a while we arrived at the other sister's apartment to stay the night. without anything. but it sure was fun to get to stay with some otther sisters. we made pancakes and talked all night. got back to marcala looking absolutely digusting about 1 the next day. hahaha fun! pictures to come.

Okay sorrry this is short again but i want to have time to attach pictures.

I'm so grateful for the chance to be a missionary. i can never be able to describe all i'm learning here in the mission. there's no place i'd rather be. like a missionary said this week, ¨this 18 months may not be the best 18 months OF my life, but they're the best 18 months FOR my life.¨

everything we have we owe the Lord. remember that!! okay gotta run, but i love you all! till next week!

hermana smith

lots of pictures on her facebook:!/album.php?aid=471011&id=841410062

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've always wanted a jungle adventure...

...And I got one this week!!!! hahaha. quick story to start: contacted a man who told us that 2 times the elders promised they'd go to his house but never arrived. He didn't work those days just to wait for them... and this man needs work. anyway, so of course we promised we'd go friday in the morning. took his address, etc. during the week we did some research and found out his house was 30 minutes away in car! long story short, we got a friend from the church to take us in his car, but the elders had to come with us too. So all 5 of us FINALLY found someone who knew this man. we were kind of at the top of a hill and they pointed to this house in the distance.. in the middle of the trees, etc. great! we'll just hike over there!.. the neighbors pointed out this little trail that would take us there. hahahahahaha the next 30 minutes we spent holding hands trying not to slip down the muddy hill we were on. didnt work too well because i fell pretty hard once and my comp 7 times. hahaha we finaly arrived at the house, with shoes that used to be black and were brown with mud, our hair a mess, and mosquito bites everywhere. arrived with a smile and met the man's wife who told us he wasn't there. WHAT!!! hahaha. so we shared a message with her and she was really receptive... making it all worth it. but hte lesson is, at least we're not liers!! hahah

plus, my comp and i have a good story to tell, and the elders are never going to forget that morning they helped the hermanas. ahhaha.

okay this is going to be a short letter cuz time is running short, but this week was good. hard, but i saw and recongnized lots of miracles. thought all week about my little bro in Georgia, and realized how awesome it is to be a part of this work. the church is true and so perfect. The Book of Mormon is a book that will change your life if you let it. I'm learning that so much.

Just a quick spiritual thought. Moroni 7: 3 to 5. its our responsibility and opportunity as members of the church of Jesus Christ to be example and bringers of peace to all that we meet. How do we treat others? are we keeping our baptismal covenants in the way we act around others? just something i thought about this week..

well, i have lots more funnies but no timet his week. promise they're coming next week. love you all so much!

better letter next week
hermana Smith

p.s. favorite phrase of the mission: be happy, be mormon! hahaha.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Lovely waterfalls of Marcala

New Beautiful- dangerous- hammock

"making scripture cover boxes with my YW. i'm totally famous for my scripture covers. haha."

Marcala en el Verano

Monday August 2, 2010

Hola everyone!!

So I come before you today with lots of good feelings. This week we learned and applied a lot to my missionary work and found lots of success. Last night I just kind of had a little burst of good feelings and total love for being a missionary. not that i ddint before, but for the first time I didnt want to go home. its an amzing feeling and one that I've prayed for for a long time. I guess I cant really describe what I'm trying to say, so let it suffice by saying... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. and I'm so glad I'm here.

Okay on to the exciting news:

1. last week we had the privelege of having President Flores in the Sacrament Meeting... needless to say we were all scared and nervous and trying to do the best. but my companion and I brought a family of investigators to church and had them sit in the front row... totally ready to impress president. but the two women who came both have babies... who are still breast feeding. and the people here have no shame. Front row, president, breastfeeding. MLIAIH

2. I totally bought the most beautiful, comfortable hammock the other day and put it up in the house. I rock. then the next morning I was enjoying my cereal and rocking in my hammock with all of the sudden i was on the ground and my tush was really hurting. FAIL. at least I got a good pic. MLIAIH

3. Sometimes when I stop and think about life I realize .. Wow! I'm bilingual!!! Its really an awesome thought. MLIAIH

Okay so I dont have too many funnies this week, but it was because this week was full of lots of reflection, humility, then success. I'm finding that's always how it works.

We're working with lots of good families and other investigators. I think my favorite thing is that we've really been emphasizing teaching repentance and the fact that we can be free from our sins if we accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. and that's when the changes come. I love seeing the light coming into a person's eyes when they realize they can be clean from sin. I love seeing the changes in their personality, temperment, and smiles. Its such a special opportunity to see God work with these people. It is NOT me. I'm just the beneficiary because I get to see it all.

This gospel is true. In its simplicity and grandeur, its true and every person in the world needs to hear it. It breaks my heart when people reject our message not because I feel bad for myself, but because I know how much their lives can change and progress and be happy. But then again my heart rejoices when someone accepts the message and decides to open their heart and mind to something different. This is the joy of Missionary work.

Just want to leave a scripture to ponder. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (p.s. remember how once I used Ecclesiastes in charades... its so a book. hah) anyway I really like this scripture because it teaches us whatever season of life we're in, school, mission, parents, grandparents, teenagers, its the season God has prepared for us and we can be happy in it. its not gonna last forever. its interesting because before my mission i couldnt wait to finish school and leave. but then in the first day of the mission i began counting down the days til it was over and i could start the next season of my life. why can't we just be happy where we are? we can always look forward to changes and the future, but let's be happy in whatever season of life we're in. okay, just something to think about.

I love the gospel and I love my Savior. I'm so grateful for this time I have to spend in His service.

hope all is well with each and everyone of you.

Be Good. Have fun. Pray Hard.

Love, Hermana Smith