Monday, August 23, 2010

Marcala-6 semanas mas

hello everyone! well, i'm still in marcala and loving it. the work is really picking up and we're getting ready to see some miracles. i'm so grateful... its been a lot of work these 3 months and im excited to finally see the fruit of the work we've done here. We have 4 awesome baptisms lined up for this saturday...Corisandra and her daughter and another awesome lady we-ve been teaching named Kenia and her brother Fernando. She's the one who is 19 years old and has a 5 year old son and a 35 year old husband. but she's so awesome. all 3 of her siblings will be getting baptized but only Fernando, the 16 year old will with her htis week. he loves the church and i-m already picturing him with a little black nametag in a few years!! anyway, so excited and praying hard every day that it will all work out. pictures to come next week!

okay as for the funnies... not too many this week, its been a week of change and adjustment.... and patience. but heres one...haha

i was reading with my companion in the BOM in english so she could practice and in the page or so its talking about Lehi and the visions he has. in stead of saying "he did quake and tremble" my companion read "he did quack and tremble". it gave me a much needed laugh. hahaha MLIAIH

Well like i said i'm still in marcala. my companion left and i recieved another sister from Guatemala. hermana Rivera. she's an awesome missionary. its been an adjustment as it always is starting with someone new, but i feel like were going to have a transfer full of miracles. she's a convert of 3 years. before she joined the church she was practically a evangelical pastor. so she knows the bible very well. thats good because the €BOM is my forte, not the €Bible. anyway, more stories later when we have more time. oh and shes maybe alittle taller than 5 feet. hahahah.. we're quite the pair.

one fun thing from this week is that wednesday i got to travel 4 hours to tegucigalpa to pick up my new companion and in the transfer meeting i got to see my old companions┬¬ it was so fun. i saw hermana sevier from the mtc..s he-s doing awesome.. and i got to see hermana Espa├▒a€!!!!!!!! my BFF companion from 6 weeks ago. it was like i hadnt seen her for years. haha. she actually is really sick and had to go home the day after the meeting, but we-re hoping she can come back to finish her mission in about a month. lots of prayers are going her way!

well, i know this a random and not very spiritually uplifting letter, but the computer is kind of slow and frustrating and there this van blasting some christian serman in spanish outside and i cant concentrate too well. haha.

but thanks for the opportunity to share my testimony with you all every week. i know the church is true and i LOVE the scriptures. never take them for granted. this work is the work of the Lord and he needs all of us. but more than that, WE need this work and the Lord. hope this letter finds you all well and happy. enjoy the pics!

love, hermana smith

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