Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've always wanted a jungle adventure...

...And I got one this week!!!! hahaha. quick story to start: contacted a man who told us that 2 times the elders promised they'd go to his house but never arrived. He didn't work those days just to wait for them... and this man needs work. anyway, so of course we promised we'd go friday in the morning. took his address, etc. during the week we did some research and found out his house was 30 minutes away in car! long story short, we got a friend from the church to take us in his car, but the elders had to come with us too. So all 5 of us FINALLY found someone who knew this man. we were kind of at the top of a hill and they pointed to this house in the distance.. in the middle of the trees, etc. great! we'll just hike over there!.. the neighbors pointed out this little trail that would take us there. hahahahahaha the next 30 minutes we spent holding hands trying not to slip down the muddy hill we were on. didnt work too well because i fell pretty hard once and my comp 7 times. hahaha we finaly arrived at the house, with shoes that used to be black and were brown with mud, our hair a mess, and mosquito bites everywhere. arrived with a smile and met the man's wife who told us he wasn't there. WHAT!!! hahaha. so we shared a message with her and she was really receptive... making it all worth it. but hte lesson is, at least we're not liers!! hahah

plus, my comp and i have a good story to tell, and the elders are never going to forget that morning they helped the hermanas. ahhaha.

okay this is going to be a short letter cuz time is running short, but this week was good. hard, but i saw and recongnized lots of miracles. thought all week about my little bro in Georgia, and realized how awesome it is to be a part of this work. the church is true and so perfect. The Book of Mormon is a book that will change your life if you let it. I'm learning that so much.

Just a quick spiritual thought. Moroni 7: 3 to 5. its our responsibility and opportunity as members of the church of Jesus Christ to be example and bringers of peace to all that we meet. How do we treat others? are we keeping our baptismal covenants in the way we act around others? just something i thought about this week..

well, i have lots more funnies but no timet his week. promise they're coming next week. love you all so much!

better letter next week
hermana Smith

p.s. favorite phrase of the mission: be happy, be mormon! hahaha.

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