Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wrapping up another transfer in Marcala

can you believe it???? tonight we find out transfers and i'm praying i dont leave! i just want one more transfer here! 6 weeks is so little time and the work in Marcala is picking up so much!!!

okay so here's what's been going on.... since our district has been in the attendance in sacrament meeting has doubled!!! 200% increase and President is way happy. also, we've been finding so many families who are so ready for the gospel! my companion and i have 4 families with whom we're working and it is so fun! its just so much more uplifting when you can tell a husband and wife of the potential they have as a famliy and the blessings they can recieve.

best news of the week: we have a lady and her daughter ready for their baptisms this saturday. let me tell you the story real quick. we met Corrisandra at the beginning of the transfer and the first lesson she basically laughed at us that we thought she'd believe the story about Joseph Smith. She told us she was born and will die Catholic and the first time she had a BOM she gave it to her pastor and they burned it. (my heart sunk when she said that) but since we've been going we've been teaching repentance and that she can be freed from her sin. she absolutely loves her book of mormon and gospel principles book. she comes 45 minutes early for sacrament meeting and an hour after we taught the word of wisdom she showed up at the church for english class because she said she was craving coffee which she was addicted to, so instead of giving in, walked to the church. SHE IS AMAZING!!! she's the type of investigator every missionary wants to have because she's a CONVERT, not just a baptism. also her sister in law is ready for baptism but she has to marry her boyfriend first because they live together. so we're working on that!!!! anyway, i'm so excited for this baptism... even if i dont get to see it. its been an amazing experience teaching her and seeing the huge changes shes making. wahoo!!!

okay also just one funny this week, we went to zone conference 2 hours away. it ended late and the last bus going to Marcala left early... leaving us stranded. District Marcala: lost in La Paz. after some lengthy coordination and standing in the rain for a while we arrived at the other sister's apartment to stay the night. without anything. but it sure was fun to get to stay with some otther sisters. we made pancakes and talked all night. got back to marcala looking absolutely digusting about 1 the next day. hahaha fun! pictures to come.

Okay sorrry this is short again but i want to have time to attach pictures.

I'm so grateful for the chance to be a missionary. i can never be able to describe all i'm learning here in the mission. there's no place i'd rather be. like a missionary said this week, ¨this 18 months may not be the best 18 months OF my life, but they're the best 18 months FOR my life.¨

everything we have we owe the Lord. remember that!! okay gotta run, but i love you all! till next week!

hermana smith

lots of pictures on her facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=471011&id=841410062#!/album.php?aid=471011&id=841410062

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