Friday, September 10, 2010

week full of lessons and happiness!!

August 30, 2010
wahoo!!! best news ever... we finally were able to see FOUR BAPTISMS this weekend! after a week of lots of praying, a few tears, a fast, and miracles, we were able to thank Heavenly Father for the tender mercy of letting us have these baptisms. it was amazing the spirit we felt after their confirmations yesterday when they all stepped down from the pulpit smiling... really big. I'm so grateful for the hand of the Lord in my life this week. I know he was with me helping me to develop the patience, faith, and endurance that i needed this week.

1. This is mostly for my sister, Kate.... we're totally teaching this guy named.. you guessed it, ELDER. hahaha. his dad was a pentecostal pastor and was friends with the missionaries. he liked the name so name his son Elder... and his son named HIS son elder also. hahaha. he's way awesome and totally the future bishop of Marcala! wahoo! working on putting a baptismal date. MLIAIH

2. we have this rocking chair in our apartment that my comp is in love with... so she moved it to our study desk and is constantly rocking back and forth. haha. still makes me laugh. MLIAIH

3. i'm sick of my music so if any of you find any awesome LDS music, i'd love a CD of something new. hahah send it my way! MLIAIH

I'm so grateful for these experiences i'm having in the mission... I'm learning something new everyday and trying to apply it to my life. the scriptures are amazing and absolutely have the words of the Lord. one marvelous thing I've found is that i've been able to get on my knees, ask a specific question to the Lord, go to the scritpures, and find an answer. its something i've started doing every morning and i've had some wonderful experiences. GO to the scriptures and love them. that's my advice.

also, if you're interested i would highly recommend getting a copy of Preach My Gospel. its scripture also and meant for us ALL to study. its totally my favorite book ever.

okay well sorry this is short but time flies and i gotta go. also apologies because i know my english is terrible. literally i can't think in english so my letters i know sound weird and maybe dont make sense. but its super hard. even now I'm translating everythig i write into spanish. hahah.
i hope you're all well and happy and loving life. keep loving and serving the Lord.. and writing your missionaries!!! hehe.

love you all,
hermana smith

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