Tuesday, September 21, 2010


September 20, 2010

Greetings to everyone north of me! I hope you're enjoying the increasingly cold weather while i'm enjoying the sunshine.. still and forever!

This week was.. interesting to say the least. I came up with another philosophy last night. (¨hermana smith's philosophies¨ are famous here)...that is that the things that are the hardest are usually the most worth it. This week for example, was really hard. My faith was tried and I was doubting a lot. We had some hard assignments that I didnt think I could do. We were working for a baptism and I just wanted everything this week to be perfect. At the beginning of the week I decided I had two options... Say that it wasn't possible and just do the average, or literally put my trust in the Lord, do my best, and hope for a miracle. I'm so glad I chose the second...
Our baptism worked out beautifully, we completed the tough assignment from President Flores, I learned some life changing lessons and we ended up with weekly data that was incredible. The assignment was to find and teach 3 new families (its hard to find a family complete with mom and dad... nobody has dads here).... but we did it! 3 new families and ... get ready.... 29 new investigators. that's absolutely unheard of! but seriously it was a miracle and I learned so many things this week about faith, diligence, patience. basically if you want to know what I learned, read Alma 32, especially verses 40 through 43. awesome!

Okay I dont have too much time, but here are two funnies to make you laugh... i hope!

1. I was directing the ward activity the other day and in to wrap it up i said wanted to say ¨Gracias por su participación¨ (thanks for your participation) but instead I said ¨Gracias por su expiación¨ (thanks for your Atonement...) uhh awkward. everyone was dying laughing.. including myself. MLIAIH.
2. We're recieving this AWESOME new training that is just kicking butt here. One of the things, we have to do is carry a picture of our family and show it in every contact. its awesome and my family is famous because the whole country is meeting them. haha. MLIAIH.

okay sorry times totally up. but the church is true and this work is awesome!

be good, have fun, pray hard.
Hermana Smith

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