Tuesday, February 8, 2011

seek, knock, and ask

Hey family! Welcome to La Esperanza!!!

Wow, what a week. Full of emotions and fears and worries and all that stuff.. but its been fun. And hard. But good. Haha.

So this isn’t gonna be too long of an email because the electricity went out and I had to rewrite my letter to president so now I don’t have too much time.

But basically theres not much to say except we’ve been contacting… A LOT. Haha. Its been good because I’ve seen my faith tried and answered, but theres not too many stories to tell this week. Haha. My new area is way cute… I can tell there’s a little more money here than before. The houses are big and the thing I love the most is they all have big back (or front) yards with grass and trees… which ive never seen before! Anyway its fun.. I know that there is a lot of work for me to do here. I can feel it and then today president told me that when he was doing the changes my change was like a last minute inspiration thought, so that must been it was inspired! Haha.

Anyway so I was thinking in a spiritual thought to give you all and I had an idea. I was reading a little bit of my favorite BOM chapter in Moroni 7 and thought there is so much to learn from this chapter! Its incredible. So my invitation is that you all can read it as part of personal scripture study with a prayer to start, asking for your own personal revelation. Then as you read if theres something that “sticks out” or “hits you hard”.. that’s personal revelation! Remember that part, apply it, and see what changes!

Just an idea, but I know you all can receive that personal revelation as you seek, knock, and ask.

Love you all!

Hermana Smith
p.s. tried to send a bunch of picturs but only one came through and now i have no time. but this is a pic with the Cruz family before i left. more pictures later!

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