Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello everyone! Here I am, back in Marcala for a pday activity and its been awesome seeing a few of my people here. I'm not gonna get too long to write, so I'll get to the goods:

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! I celebrated my one year on the mission this year and it felt great! holy COW its going fast. but the funny thing is what we did to celebrate. Banana Baby food. mmmmmmm. ( i think only my family would understand) MLIAIH pictures to come later.

2. Yesterday we were in relief society and our RS president made a very important announcement... she asked a few of the sisters to give us food. just out right called them out on it. she said they were sick of giving it to the elders so lets feed the sisters.... they are starving. (which isnt true) but i appreciated the shout out. MLIAIH

3. Its FREEZING here. just feels so weird! MLIAIH

4. My companion is sarcastic. it is awesome. MLIAIH

Well I dont have too many more funnies. the work is going well. slow, but well. Im finally getting used to the area, and really liking it. its hard but its a fun area too. we walk A LOT which is good cuz maybe I'll slim down a bit. and the area is HUGE. the good thing is i'm used to pueblos (this is my third one!) so i'm used to it and i love it. i think my companion is havinga little harder time adapting.

We had some cool experiences this week that really helped me realize that the Holy Ghost leads our work. absolutely. If we let HIm guide our words and actions, everything works out the way Heavenly Father wants it to and we see miracles. also I'm learning a huge lesson that should be applied to all of us that is... it all comes down to love. seriously, all you have to do is love and it goes along way. i challenge you all to show some love this week and you'll see a great things happen.

Well sorry theres not much time to write more. know that i love you all and I'm sending LOVE from honduras.

Love, Hermana Smith

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