Friday, March 11, 2011

Feb. 21, 2011

Hey family!!
Wow, what a week… its been, to say the least, interesting. I have to admit, not the best. But there are always things to be grateful for, right?
I’ll just go right into explaining. So after a hard week and a disappointing afternoon we left yesterday at about 2 to go contact and find new families to teach. We got in the house of a family and I was so excited… this was it! Heavenly Father answered our prayers and they are so prepared! The lesson was going great until I was explaining the Joseph Smith story, and the dad turned and looked outside and goes, ¨oh! Good afternoon, Pastor!¨ I just thought, you have got to be kidding me. Long story short he stomped all over us, making fun of our testimony and the way we taught.. everything. It was terrible and I got so frustrated. Finally we figured there was no use so we closed with a prayer… I said the prayer quietly and calmly while he stood up and started shouting and praying that the Lord would save us from our iniquity and blindness. Then he told us He hopes we can one day really convert to the Lord, and find the truth, because our salvation was at stake. Nice of him to worry about us, huh?
Anyway I was super frustrated and angry, I got home and cried and prayed harder than I ever have before. It just hurt so bad to have that happen and that the people just don’t open their hearts and listen. Its hard. But thinking about it, I’ve realized lots of things. First of all, heavenly father gives us these experiences to teach us. Ive learned in just the past 24 hours that the scriptures give us a lot of consolation, I’ve learned that heavenly father listens to and answers our prayers, and that he has a plan for all of his children. People will reject and be angry, but if we’ve done our part, we just have to trust in the lord. I found one scripture that really helped me today and maybe it can help some of you in any problem you may be facing. 3 Nephi 21: 9 to 10.
Well that’s about it. Things are good in Honduras.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Smith

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