Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011

Dear family and friends!

Things went a lot better this week. We sure saw a lot of miracles and I'm grateful for the Lord's mercy. We found some really positive families and I'm grateful we'll get to teach them the restored gospel... the best message we could bring!

1. This week we saw another baby chicken almost die.... but the neighbor who was there (and who we're teaching, btw...) picked it up, blew a little in its beak, petted it for a minute, and it came back to life... chirping and happy. MLIAIH

2. I love Honduras because i can buy 5 pieces of new clothing for less than 25 dollars. All from brand name stores. I calculated that in the states i would have bought it for about 100 dollars. guess whos going on a shopping spree this july? MLIAIH

3. Yesterday after the sacrament the elders looked down from teh stand at me, motioning the words ¨can you give a talk after this sister?¨. 5 minutes later i gave a 12 minute talk on baptism. i love being a missionary. MLIAIH

The best news that has been happening is we are preparing a wedding a baptism for our little family, Erika and Henry. They are so great. THeyve gone to church several times and we've been teaching them for a while. And we've been seeing amazing miracles getting their papers ready for the wedding. we're really excited for their progress and for the 15th and 16th to come. its gonna be a great day! I love seeing the changes they are making through this gospel and the simple principles like family prayer, family scripture study, and going to church together.

well dont have too much time to write more details, but I just want to invite you all to take time to prepare this week for general conference. I nkow the Lord will answer your questions and problems... im excited to get answers to mine this week.

Love you all so much! enjoy this weekend and live what you learn!

hermana smith

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