Monday, May 9, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hello family and friends!
Another week in the mission has flown by! I can’t believe how fast it goes! But I’m so grateful for this time I have to serve and work hard. It’s coming down to the wire!
So this big news for this week is that we DON’T have transfers… again! Hermana Morales and I are breaking the tradition and staying together 3 transfers…. Hope she doesn’t get sick of me for 4 and a half months! I’m excited because we can just keep working hard and improving.. we don’t have to start new with a new companionship because we’re already used to each other! Haha. She’s awesome.

1. This morning was the worst ever. We woke up at 6:30, a little bit cold because it was raining… and there was no electricity. Just imagine you are tired all day, every day you have to wake up to a cold dark rainy morning and you CANT sleep in. hahah. What a temptation! MLIAIH
2. Today we took a bus to another city for a pday activity. Of course us 4 missionaries were standing up because there was no more seats… perfect opportunity for the zone leaders to dare me to contact the bus (stand up in front and talk to everyone). Then they handed me a pack of ¨Law of Chastity¨ pamphlets to hand out after I contacted. Of course my pride got the best of me and I had to take them and say I’d do it, acting like I WASN’T scared. No way I’m going to look so chicken! So I did it… contacted the bus and now about 55 people have heard my testimony and lots have a pamphlet about the law of chastity. Hahaha. It felt great! Now I’m going to put a goal to contact 15 more buses before I go home. MLIAIH
3. I love the people in La Esperanza, but I cant help but laugh at some words they use. There isn’t a lot of education here so they make up different words or change the correct ones. And now I have a hard time saying them right. Hope people can understand me when I get home! MLIAIH

Welp, things are going well…. ¨regular¨ like everyone says here. Don’t have much time to write more, but maybe more good new next week!

Love you all so much! Keep your faith strong!!
Hermana Smith

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