Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX, Here are pictures of her birthday gifts and
celebrations with the Cruz family.

hey everyone!

phew what a week.. glad its over and I’m starting a new one!

We had some funnies this week!
1. walking down the street normally and all of the sudden i saw a car.... with a monkey riding on the hood. no big deal. haha MLIAIH

2. we came home the other night and as i was trying to open the door i looked over and saw a drunk guy sleeping on our patio. hahahahah. it scared the daylights out of me and my companion just laughed. we called papa cruz to come save us. MLIAIH

3. I totally bought a blender last week.. naturally. i miss jamba! MLIAIH

Anyway still dont have much time, but i thought i would share a story with you.. i decided I don’t do that often, just share my boring thoughts .haha.

Anyway so this week we were visiting this inactive sister who lives in a wheelchare because she lost her leg a few months ago. Anyway we were singing lots of hymns because she loves them and i just had the strongest impression we needed to leave and go contact. it was almost the lunch hour but not quite. We could have killed time singing more hymns then entered the house perfectly in time, but i just knew we needed to go contact down this one street. i had to convince my comp a little but finally she gave in. contacted one house. nothing. then we kept walking and i saw this lady sitting outside of her fruit stand. i told my companion lets go talk to her and she said she was about to say the same thing. we gave a quick little lesson outside with her and her nephew who ended up being really interested and excited to learn more. it was such a great experience. its something simple but really got me excited about following the spirit. I’m so grateful for the spirit in this work... Its the only way its possible.

Anyway, life is good. hope everyone who reads this is happy and healthy and praying lots. Thanks for all the support and love!
hermana smith

p.s. moroni 7: 45 to 48

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