Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hello family and friends!
i'm happy to be writing you from a place i didnt know i was coming to. haha.

so last week i said some pretty sad goodbyes all monday and tuesday (broke my heart.. but i was strong! :) and on wednesday morning showed up to the transfer meeting and started talking to some of the other sisters... when they informed me that i wasnt going to Jutkalpa because they closed that area like 3 weeks ago... too dangerous for the sisters. but i was going to Talanga! dont know where i heard Jutikalpa, but now all my people in Marcala think I'm there. oh well.

anyway, here i am in Talanga enjoying the same weather as in Marcala but without rain!!!! loving it! its a little pueblo town pretty much exactaly like Marcala. i'm likeing that because i dont like the city at all, but i still miss my little home in Marcala. It was super hard to say goodbye, but i'm hoping to go back.. alot of the sisters here have returned to old areas because there are so few of us, so we shall see.

Talanga is awesome with 2 branchs... and 2 chapels! dont know why they dont just make one ward, but its all good. we are 6 missionaries here, 4 northamericans and 2 latins.. we win! my companion is hermana Cruz from El Salvador.. its her last transfer so weve got a lot of work to do! haha. she's way funny and we get along really well.. even though i think shes the most stubborn and strongest willed central american woman ive ever met. haha. but shes awesome and ive already learned a ton from her.
we live with a family named the Cruz family (mere coincedence) and they are the most wonderful people i've ever met. they insist that we call them mama and papa cruz and their 13 year old daughter is our lil sis. they are so awesome and support us in every way. tomorrow for my birthday we're going to make a cake and ice cream!

okay a few funnies
1. the other day was the best day of my life because i called an investigator. after a few seconds of talking he interupted me and asked if i was me or my latin companion... meaning he couldnt tell because i sounded latin!!!!! i was going to cry i was so happy. haha. mliaih
2. in marcala it was so humid that a lot of times the ink in my journal and my agenda bled through the pages. MLIAIH

anyway just as a quick spiritual thought i just gotta say, WASNT CONFERENCE AWESOME!!!! i loved it soo much. (p.s. mike, tami, faith, grace... you looked awesome!!!.. totally saw you and wanted to give you all big hugs) you know how like every confernce has a running theme? well idont know what you all got out of it, but what i got out of it i loved, that was that we must make CHOICES in all things we do. we must take ACTION to be able to change and better our lives. i loved it and got so many good things out of it. I know that is the way to change. i liked what someone said that we have to LISTEN, LEARN, REPENT, GO AND DO. so awesome! so my challenge is that you all can look back through your confernce notes in stead of just throwing them in a shelf for 6 months like i always do. look back, pray for inspiration, and make a choice to make a change.

thats my challenge for you.. its what i'm doing to!

the chruch is true and lead by inspired men. time is short so lets shout it to the world!

love you all so much!
hermana smith

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