Monday, January 10, 2011

lots of stress, not enough sleep, but still loving it all

January 10, 2010

Hey family!
So this week was pretty normal missionary week.. lots of stress, not enough sleep, but still loving it all! I’m really noticing a special spirit in this work as I focus on people, study hard, and repent of all my faults. Gotta love being a missionary! Its always funny because as much as I love this work it stinks because we have so many more sins to worry about not committing. For example, waking up at 6:31 or letting myself think about home for more than 2 minutes. Haha. Stressful! But I love it. It makes a huge difference.

Sorry, guess that was a random thought. Anyway, so we have a few funnies for this week.
1. Today is my birthday! 11 months from today I walked into the MTC as a missionary. And its FLOWN since then! MLIAIH
2. I love Hondurans because they are the most easily entertained people ever. For example my comp and I made a ¨Don’t eat pete¨ board and have used it to entertain adults, youth, children, EVERYONE loves it. Hahahah. Pictures to come hopefully. MLIAIH
3. So I’ve decided you can tell how long a missionary has been out by looking at two things: the nametag and their knees. For instance, 11 months into my mission, my name on my nametag is turning yellow instead of cristal ¨newbie¨ white, and my knees have calluses and almost bleed some days. Not even exaggerating. Haha. MLIAIH
So did any of you recognize in the last December ensign the last page that talked about the grape fields in Madera???? I was SO excited to see it, made me so proud of being from Central California! Yeah!

Also just wanted to share a cool experience I had in my personal study this morning.. I was studying for how to help a lady who is having some troubles with depression and things. She just isn’t feeling the spirit she felt at baptism and is having some problems. Anyway so I prayed to know how I could help her and got impressed to read a certain part of Preach my Gospel. Of course my natural mind doubted. I thought, ¨I’ve read that chapter before… and I don’t think this is going to help.. but whatever, the spirit told me, so here we go!¨ so I opened up and started reading about the process of repentance. Then I was led to a few scriptures. I opened one up and read it, it was nice, etc. but then I read the scripture after the scripture that was written in PMG and it was exactly what we needed to read! D&C 1:33 teaches us that when we don’t repent often we start losing the light that is given us. I received a huge impression that we need to teach this lady to repent often and hard so that she could feel that light come back into her life. Anyway there are a lot more ways we are going to try to help her, but this will be essential. Maybe you all can read verses 31 to 33 also to receive some personal revelation on how you can improve and receive more and more light also in YOUR life.

I’m so grateful for the scriptures and for this opportunity I have to learn from them. Gotta run, but I hope this letter finds you all safe and happy.
Hermana Smith

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