Monday, January 24, 2011

Phew what a week

Hello family!

Phew what a week! We had lots of good work and lots of fun moments so it made it a fun week. My second change with hermana cutler is almost over… time is flying. Next week we’ll know the changes. Its so crazy! I’m going to miss her so much, but I’m glad for all the things I learned this change.


1. So we went to the Martinez Family’s house the other night for about 5 minutes before we went home to drop something off and so of course they offered us food… it was their delicious soup they had for lunch and had saved us some. Its called Mondongo soup.. a delicacy here. Aka. Cow feet soup. DISgusting. Okay actually its not that bad tasting, but it feels like a huge piece of fat in my mouth. Also ive seen it prepared…. NOT appetizing. I had to try it to be kind, but I’m just so grateful they let us take it home so I could laugh about it with my comp. hahah. MLIAIH

2. So I found out what happiness is: going visiting teaching with the Relief Society sisters, in particular your recent convert of 1 week. Haha we went VTing last night with Vanessa. She was SOOO excited to be doing visits. It was me, her, and one other sister so we decided the sister would direct the prayer and song, I would share the thought, then Vanessa would bear her testimony. Of course she was so scared, but I just told her to talk for 1 minute or so about how she felt in the church. We did two visits and she shared her testimony in both and she was just beaming. She just loves the church.. and it was perfect because it really helped her realize she HAS a testimony. Okay anyway the funny part is that after she turns to me and goes, ¨Hermana Smith, tell me, how did I do??¨ haha I assured her she was perfect, gave her a big hug, and now she’s ready to visit with us all the time! MLIAIH

3. Today we went on a big hike adventure thing to a sugar cane factory. We ate it in four forms. It was way cool. Pictures attached. But now I have a sugar headache. MLIAIH

4. On the way to the sugar cane factory we were talking to this member who was taking us there. He started telling stories about the experiences he’s had castrating animals. Like it’s a normal thing to do here. Hahah. He said he neutered a bull one time and it started chasing him.. so he climbed up in a mango tree and was there for hours til the bull left. MLIAIH

Okay well times running out.. hope you enjoyed a few funnies. I just gotta say I love this work so much. I love being a missionary and being here in Honduras. This time has changed my life because of the Savior. Its an incredible feeling letting the Atonement change you. Let it change you!!

Lots of love from Honduras,

Hermana Smith

(for more pictures, see Alex's facebook)

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