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January 3, 2010

hey everyone! okay this is probably going to be one of the shortest letters I've sent, but time flies and my head hurts so i dont want to overdo the thinking thing. haha. jk. but I'm doing so great! I've felt so great lately, just realizing how much the Lord is aware of our needs and our desires.
Best news lately is that we're working with an awesome family who just about knocked us out of our seats the other day. short version: we've been teaching the husband, Ruben but his wife hasn't wanted anything with the church. she actually acted rude sometimes. but we havent given up because Ruben has just loved taking the lessons and everything. so the other night we went to their house and the wife, Senia answered the door and super happy. (weird....) but that's okay.. so we get in the house sit down and start chatting, and Senia sat down and was totally participating in the conversation and everything. so kind of made that motion that means we were gonna start the lesson and she jumps up to grab her Bible and Ruben´s book of mormon. so we start the lesson and she was like way into singing the song and reading and everything. Of course we're happy, but just wondering what had gotten into her. Then i dont even remember what we asked or anything but Senia answered, ¨Okay, so we have news. We ALL want to go to church tomorrow. We wanted to surprise you tomorrow because we didnt know you were coming tonight, but i guess well just tell you now!¨ our jaws dropped. what had changed? she went on to explain that she really liked the way we treated her family. that if they couldnt go to church one week we didnt just get mad and not go back, we still kept going and kept calling. (we've been working with them for about 6 weeks and havent given up.) she said a lot of other churches come by when they dont go to church, get mad, then just never come back. but we're always there! (even though we thought we were annoying them... haha) also i think the cute christmas card we made was inspired. hehe.
so they all went to church, LOVED IT, and we're going back tonight. super excited!

okay well gotta go, but thanks for all the support and love like usual. pictures to come next week!

lots of love!
hermana smith

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