Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 6, 2011

I think this email is going to break the record for the shortest one... time flies when you're on a slow computer! hahah .

Things are going a lot better in our area. we had a good week with lots of happinesses and pick me up moments. hahah. Those are what I like. This week is transfer week so wednesday I will have a new companion... dont know who yet. And I will enter into my LAST change... talk about weird. I have mixed emotions.... a little excitement and a lot of nerves. I want this transfer to be the best.

Just wanted to share a short thought that I found in my scripture study today. I looked up the definition for Zion and found 7 definitions. but the first one hit me hard, it says that Zion is ´´an unselfish state of mind¨. Interesting, huh? If we could all achieve unselfishness we would make up the perfect Zion as a church, as families, as ward and branches, as friends. I thought that was so interesting. I invite you to think about that, read Mosiah 18: 21 and Moses 7:18, then set a goal to improve. Think, ¨How am I contributing to and building up Zion??¨

Well that's about it folks. enjoy the pictures. Love you all SO MUCH!

see you soon..
Hermana Smith

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