Thursday, June 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

10 weeks to go????

Hola familia!
Well, another week down and I’m feeling good. (tired, but good).
Every day I become more and more grateful for my mission and all that
I learn and grow here. I love this country and this people and this
1. Did you know the word for Zorro (as in the mask of) means SKUNK in Spanish?? I always imagined it meaning ¨noble fighter¨ or ¨defendor of the good¨ or something like that. Nope. MLIAIH

2. The reason I know that is because this week my comp and I are studying animals. I’m learning in Spanish and she in English. But the funny is that I realized as we were practicing that she’s learning the words for armadillo, ostrich, and pheasant, but doesn’t remember how to say cow, horse, or pig. MLIAIH

3. I saw something in the grocery store the other day that I had completely forgotten existed: shaving cream. Its not very common because its SO much cheaper to use a bar of soap. MLIAIH

4. Speaking of shaving, do you know how much it hurts to use a going-bad razor and a bar of soap, to shave your legs that have a million bug bites? Pain. MLIAIH

1.Henry got dressed up in a white shirt and tie and blessed the sacrament for the first time yesterday…. He had been practicing the prayer for several weeks and said it perfectly…. It was beautiful!

2.This isn’t lovely.. yet but this Wednesday is my last zone conference which means my final testimony….. I literally NEVER imagined the day would come.. but I’m excited and nervous…. 3 minutes to sum up 18 months?

Things are going great here in La Esperanza. There is so much work to do and little time to do it, but we’re seeing lots of progress. The branch is getting ready to send out FIVE missionaries in the next few months… we’re scared because we’ll lose all the people with callings but I know the work here is going to sky rocket when the blessings of their service come back to this little town. The families are excited and scared because they’re the first missionaries in almost 10 years. (3 of them are the 3 kids in the Branch Presidents family… 2 twin girls and a boy are all leaving together) Anyway it’s a great time to live and serve here and Im so excited and grateful.
Just a thought from my scripture study that I wanted to invite you all to read in your personal study this week. In D & C 10: 46 to 52 talks about what the BOM prophets wanted to be in the BOM… it made me think about if I’m using the BOM to the potential it was written.(does that even make sense.. you get the idea)
Anyway love youall so much. Thanks for your support and love prayers.
Keep them coming!
Love, Hermana Smith

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