Thursday, June 16, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hello family and friends! (i've run out of creative openings.. sorry!)
This week was... well, not the most productive. we spent almost 3 entire days traveling, in zone conference and everything. A little hard knowing how much time I DONT have left, but we'll make up for it this week. (but at least we got in more bus contacts) The most exciting news is that we had emergency transfers so I now have a new companion. not that I'm excited for that because I miss my companion but I know it was the will of the Lord because I know we will see lots of great things happen in this area. My new companion is a mini missionary from here in Honduras.. she's preparing for her own mission soon. Although she doesnt have as much experience and its hard to adjust to that, she's going to be an incredible missionary. She's dedicated and excited to do this work.

This week I gave my final testimony in my last zone conference... that is a weird feeling! after the 5 of us gave our testimonies President Flores had us stand in front and gave a few ¨last pieces of advice¨... as you can imagine he mentioned the ¨m¨ word... i just laughed thinking how long it is going to take me to feel ready to get married.. ha.

Sorry I couldnt think of any funnies this week... or at least ones that are explainable over internet. haha.

Just wanted to share something I learned from a recent convert a few weeks ago. this guy is amazing.... he used to be a famous preacher in the catholic church but after he had a few dificulties he lost touch with God, etc. But then he found the elders and started learning about the church. when he moved here to our town he walked into the church one day, met the elders in our branch, and got baptized a few weeks later. He has the strongest testimony and is serving well in the branch. there are plans to have him teach seminary. Anyway, he was giving a talk in church (amazing... ex preacher!) and something he said really hit me hard.

He said that our problem is that we get too used to saying the saying ¨we`ll never be perfect... or we can fail this once and repent because we'll never be perfect.¨ and its true, we justify ourselves a lot of times. But he explained that if we really have faith in the gospel and we really love God, we will strive to be perfect. Faith equals obedience. exact obedience. anyway he expressed it a lot more powerfully and effectively than I did, but I liked it because it gave me a great motivation to really strive to live the gospel with exactness and stop justifying myself.

anyway, just food for thought. (now i have thoughts for food... the ice cream selection is looking way good right now.)

Well I hope this week is marvelous and inspiring. Keep working hard in whatever you do and make the world a better place because you were there.

Love you all so much!
Hermana Smith

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