Monday, November 15, 2010

best week of my whole mission!!!!

Hey family and friends!!!
This was definitely one of the best weeks of my whole mission!!!! Basically Hermana Cutler and I are just kicking bum here. Okay well its ALL pure mercy from the Lord, but we’ve been seeing SO many miracles and I’m soo grateful.
Before I begin to tell some, let me tell you a little more about my companion. She’s so great... probably one of the best sister missionaries I’ve ever met. I have so much to learn from her. We’ve made it a goal to be perfectly obedient and I absolutely know that’s what has given us the success we’ve seen. She’s been out 13 months so she’s kind of on the down hill. Oh! And she has a brother serving right now in guess where… Yekaterinburg Russia! Ha! The same mission that my brother served in. Crazy huh?
Anyway when we went to the change meeting NOBODY believed us that we were companions.. and when they finally did all the north americans were so jealous. We’re definitely breaking the ice with this one and we’re going to be a companionship that everyone watches… especially president. Haha. But we’re determined and excited to prove to the mission that 2 north americans can totally do it! And I think he’ll be excited… because just in these 5 days we have been contacting the whole world and we’ve found SEVEN new families… 4 of which are married.. Which is the biggest miracle in the world because NOBODY is here. We’ve made it our theme to contact families. Our philosophy is: if we look for families, we’ll find families. So literally we look for only a mom and dad and kids. And we’ve found them!! Just last night we walked out of the house of a new family that was golden and we just looked at each other, kind of laughed and said, ¨we are so blessed!!! What is going on???¨! hahaha just everyday we come home, look at all we did during the day then fall on our knees in gratitude… because its all the work of the Lord. Even our district leader keeps asking us what we’re doing to find so many families! Its incredible and I feel so blessed in this week!
We’re totally hoping to have 2 changes together and I have a feeling there’s a chance we could. Pray for us that we can so we can help a ton of people here in Talanga! We both just know we’re going to see a lot of baptisms! Wahoo!!!
Because of this miracle I’ve seen in my mission I’ve definitely increased my testimony that the Lord knows what we need. He sent me my companion in a time I really needed her. I know He answered the prayers I didn’t even realize I was saying. He knows my heart and my mind and what I need to be happy. It’s incredible.
The church is absolutely true and the best thing we could share with everyone. SHARE THE GOSPEL. With members, non members, your family, and yourself. Live it and Love it.
Love you all so much! thanks for your support and prayers.

Love, Hermana Smith

Ps. One funny: right in front of our house there’s this stadium type thing where they have chicken fights…Like they let a bunch of drunk guys tie sharp stuff around the chickens legs and let them kill each other…For fun! It is so weird. It’s like chicken colosium. Haha.

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