Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a plentitude of food

Hola familia y amigos!
So I guess its a good sign because I’m so focused on the Lord’s work… but sorry because I haven’t thought anything about what I’m going to write you today. Haha. So it may be short. But here are some random thoughts, hp0e they make sense.
1. Forks are rare here. Usually the people just eat with their hands or use the tortillas as we would utensils. Sorry to say I’m picking up the habit. It’s just so much easier! Ha. MLIAIH
2. It’s a rare day when I don’t talk to a crazy or drunk man. Including our investigator who had a baptismal date. Hmm maybe we’ll be postponing that one. MLIAIH

So this week was good.. lots of trials of patience and faith, but its coming together and I’m learning a lot. It has been amazing with that lady I told you about last week, Issis. She is the most faithful person I’ve ever met… and her husband is just as excited about the gospel and starting this new life…the night we talked about getting married they both agreed they definitely wanted to. Then the next day we were talking to Issis and she told us that he was so excited he woke her up 3 times in the middle of the night and just said ¨ Hey! We’re getting married!¨ haha. And he wasted all their phone minutes calling all his family to tell them the news. How cute! We’ve never found a man like that in Honduras. Yesterday they didn’t come to church so we were worried and rushed over there right away to see what happened... just to find them putting their humble belongings in a taxi. Moving out of their house! We were so worried, of course, and she ends up telling us that the owner of the clothes store where they work and live said they had to leave because she doesn’t like the Mormons coming in her store to teach. But Issis just looked at us with a smile and said ¨Don’t worry about us. We’re happy. We’re not going to lose this faith. I Know God with take care of us.¨ Can you believe that faith? So they are moving into this little house with out a roof (we’re going there today to help them put something up), they have no job, no money and two little girls. But they have faith. It was such an incredible example to me and I’m so grateful to know them. More updates next week on them! But until then please include this family in your prayers.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! We worked hard and had lots of work to do, but then when we came back made a mini but delicious feast. See pictures attached.
Okay no time left, sorry this is so scattered. But thanks for all the prayers and love.

Love! Hermana Smith

p.s. love the plentitude of food we made our feast out of? Hehe. But it’s a lot more than lots of people here so I’m grateful.

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