Tuesday, November 9, 2010

making history

AND WE JUST FOUND OUT THE CHANGES.... you'll never believe it.. i'm still in shock.

This wednesday i'll be recieving a new companion named Hermana Cutler... yes, a northamerican! two white girls together!

hahah we're totally gonna ROCKK this town of Talanga. She's totally awesome and we know each other really well. In fact, she's the sister i've stayed with twice when we've had to stay with sisters. both times was with her. anyway, i'm super excited!!!! wahoo!! oh and we have a mutual friend (shout out for you, Amanda!) because she's from Draper Utah.

well, apart from that theres nothing much too exciting. haha. but here are some funnies for you:

1. I've noticed lately i'm totally turning into a honduran. I clean, eat, cook, wash clothes, tie bags, speak, do EVERYTHING like a Honduran. just need to get a little more tan and put in brown contacts and i'm set! MLIAIH

2. So turns out Latins are extremely superstitous. ive heard a lot of philosophies, but this is one of my favorites... if you slurp your drink from your spoon when you're old you'll have a double chin. my companion rebuked me last night for doing that then rebuked me for laughing my head off when she explained why. MLIAIH

Well this week was pretty hard, not gonna lie. i got sick this weekend because it suddenly turned extremely cold and i got stuck without long sleeves. just caught a cold but we couldnt leave all weekend, so it kind of stunk. but its all good. im super excited to start fresh this week with a new comp and lots of success i know we're going to have. yeah!

but being sick i got the chance to read through my journal from the beginning of my mission and i feel inspired to share something i had written that really hit me hard again.

¨ Its my philospohy latley that the mission is a constant fight for time. In the beginning, you're fighting or it to hurry up, by the end for it to slow down. And in the moments in between you cant figure it out... what time it is, where its gone, and how you're going to try to adjust it. But really what we have to do is let it happen. Time is time. Its constant and fair... we all have 24 hours each day. its up to us to figure it out how we're going to use it, then let it be. There's no changing time.¨

anyway that's my thought for the day. I'm grateful for this TIME i have in my life to learn and grow and give to others. there's nothing like it.

well, love you all. gotta jet!

hermana Smith

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