Tuesday, November 2, 2010

lots of funnies and lovelies

Wow, sorry this is a day late but we had a fun adventure in Tegucigalpa yesterday.... and we just got back this morning. but im here, alive and ready to tell you about my week!
This week was pretty normal... lots of work, lots of life lessons, etc. .... lets just jump right in to what I know you all want to read:
1. I found a gecko in the shower the other day. luckily it was dead. mmm! MLIAIH
2. my companion offered me a smoothie the other day but for the first time, I denied. why? it was made of tomato, lemon, onion, water, chile, salt, ice. DIS... GUSTING. MLIAIH
3. we were with an investigator who we've been teaching a lot and she was saying the prayer. ¨ please bless the sisters that have been visiting me. bless hermana Cruz with her hurt foot, and the other hermana who has a strange name and I can’t remember it... but I know that thou rememberest it.¨ MLIAIH
4. My companion had me come out and look at our water the other day because she found a surprise.. about 20 tadpoles at the bottom!! yep, the same water we do EVERYTHING with... I’m going to be buyin a lot of soap this week. MLIAIH

We had lots of Lovelies this week too, that I wanted to share with you. Last night we got stuck in Tegucigalpa so we stayed the night with some other sisters. so we got to go on divisions and it was super fun! I went out in a trio with another north American sister! anyway we were in my old area, La Vega so we wanted to go visit some old investigators of mine because the sisters didn’t really have any plans. so we went to go visit these 2 young girls.. like 14 years old. they were outside with about 5 other friends hanging out and studying. when they saw me they shouted. ¨look! the gringa!!¨ I was excited they remembered me after 6 months! anyway so we chatted and they were SO excited to be talking to TWO white girls. then we entered the house with all their friends and one of their moms to watch a short video. we ended up watching 2 short videos and it was a miracle because the mom had SOO many awesome questions about the 2nd video (about how she can see her family again even though they've died). suffice it to say it was so powerful. so we explained that yes she can depending on her obedience here. then Hermana Cutler invited them all to pray and know if it was true, then be if they got an answer, she invited them to be baptized. and all 7 of them said yes! haha!!! it was a miracle! so they're going to go back in a few days to keep teaching them. I was so excited to see that miracle!!

anyway, I gotta go but I wish I could just write all the miracles that happen. I’m so grateful for the spirit that guides this work.. it’s impossible with out it.

thanks for all your support and love. keep praying hard and looking for missionary opportunities.. they're everywhere!

With lots of love,
hermana smith

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